All round British welding supplier, Weldability-SIF, recently received industry approval for its new safety line.
The ‘Phantom XL’ professional welding helmet recently received particular recommendation from Paul Savage, Deputy Chief Welding Instructor at one of the world’s leading providers of services and technologies to power utilities. Savage also gave his approval to the entire range of Phantom welding helmets.
We put these helmets under extensive welding tests and also lent the ‘Phantom XL’ to one of the Company’s welding apprentices, selected to compete in the recent UK Skillweld competition, to wear, whilst welding his test pieces.”
The Phantom XL has been designed for use in most volume, precision and small batch production applications. The apparatus benefits from a large viewing area incorporating auto darkening technology, as well as a large auto darkening filter cartridge for easy adjustment between shades 9 – 13.
Savage applauded the light weight, easy to adjust design and specifically commended the 4x light detection sensors for use in different working conditions.