Hertfordshire based company, Weldability – SIF, has launched a new boric-acid free solution to aid cleaning and consumable flow during welding. The new release can be adapted to meet the demands of various metals and alloys.
The latest boric-acid free solution, Sifbronze ECO paste flux, offers optional use. It can either be applied directly to the weld joint or as a ‘deep dip’ to the filler rod to facilitate cleaning and consumable flow when oxy-acetylene brazing. The new device also boasts the ability to be transferred to other welding applications on mild steel, copper alloys and cast iron.
The patented paste flux suits modern eco-demands as it does not contain the noxious ingredients that are usually associated with brazing fluxes. The new device also meets June 2007 European Union REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) regulations.
The Sifbronze ECO also benefits from being able to address a gamut of applications. Furthermore, it can be used by itself in situations which would previously have required three fluxes.
It can be used with either multi-purpose Sifbronze No.1 and Sifbronze No. 101 brazing rods on mild steel and copper alloys. Meanwhile, the device is also applicable for use in copper welding with SifsilCopper No 7 brazing rods. Likewise the unit may be adapted with Sif Super Silicon No.9 brazing rods, to meet the needs of cast iron welding applications.