Illinois-based Weldcoa has appointed Tim Selleck as General Manager.

Selleck joins the equipment supplier with over 20 years of manufacturing experience in precision sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining for the aerospace, defence and electronics industries.

In addition to the above, he has also successfully transitioned his former companies away from “labour” centric manufacturing into current laser technology with fully automated material handling, integrated production and scheduling software, and other modern metal forming equipment.

On his new venture, Selleck said, “At my previous positions, the customers expected the highest quality, reliable lead-times, and competitive pricing. I helped build and lead efficient organisations that met their demands.

“Now, I am excited to be at an industry leader like Weldcoa where I can use my experience help streamline their operations and continue to grow. “

Hector Villarreal, President of Weldcoa, added, “The addition of a forward thinking, advocate of automation and digitisation on the manufacturing floor, like Tim is a big step forward for both Weldcoa and our customers.”

“His insight and strengths in improving production scheduling, increasing production efficiency, ERP implementation, project management and next level quality control is in line with our vision of the future.”

“We are very excited to add Tim Selleck’s expertise on to our team.”