Weldcoa, Illinois-based manufacturer that focuses on products to store, transport and fill compressed gas cylinders, celebrates fifty years of innovation, parading its new anniversary Logo.

Fifty years ago, Weldcoa was born within Benster Welding Supply. The founder, Richard Bennett, created the company as a manufacturing firm that supported his distributorship. Eventually, Benster Welding was purchased by Airgas, but by then, Weldcoa had been spun off and was doing what it was born to do, with one significant difference – instead of supporting one distributor, it was supporting the needs of hundreds of distributors across the US today.

Today, there are Weldcoa Automated Industrial and specialty gas filling systems uniformly filling cylinders all over the world, while Weldcoa’s pallet systems and gas packs are safely transporting cylinders throughout North America.

According to Melissa Heard, Marketing Manager for Weldcoa, “Our ongoing success will depend on us continuing to employ top technical people, investing within and retaining the trust of our clients. Weldcoa doesn’t want to be the vendor of the day. We partner with our clients in order to provide real long-term value. Our founder Dick Bennett said it best: ’Weldcoa only succeeds when our client does.’”

Weldcoa 50th anniversary logo

Weldcoa 50th anniversary logo

Source: Weldcoa