Welding Chemicals Inc. has launched its new Superior Welding Chemical Products line to meet the most demanding industrial welding needs by reducing and eliminating the detrimental consequences of a bad or contaminated weld.

Source: Welding Chemicals Inc.

Superior Welding Chemical products will be available across North America for immediate shipping from January 2021.

Full product information on the Welding Chemicals Inc. current product line can be downloaded from the Niagara Falls, New York State-based company

“With over 40 years’ experience in the welding chemical industry, the principals behind WCI understand ISO quality welding chemical products,” said WCI President and CEO Richard W. Doornink.

“Our new 33,000 square foot ISO-certified manufacturing facility features the latest in digital manufacturing equipment, assuring highly accurate manufacturing and quality control.”

Source: Welding Chemicals Inc.

Welding Chemicals Inc. says it has benefited from its investment in a modern, in-house print on demand system that allows for complete customisation of private label product.

Doornink noted, “In today’s highly competitive market it’s important to leverage the power of your brand, and WCI makes it easy to do so. With the WCI Private Label Programme, clients can sell branded, in-demand products their customers are already purchasing, thereby increasing sales and building customers’ brand loyalty.”