For the second time in less than a year two US juries have ruled in favor of the defendants in a welding rod fume case.

The verdicts mark the second and third time plaintiffs have been unable to convince juries of any link between welding rod fumes and Parkinson\\$quot;s disease.

The Illinois- and Texas-based courts found in favour of six welding rod manufacturer defendants: Airco/BOC, ESAB, Hobart Brothers, Illinois Tool Works, J.W. Harris and Lincoln Electric.

Currently there is another trial underway in Ohio where two welders claim to have manganism, a neurological disorder with symptoms similar to Parkinson\\$quot;s Disease, after working for Duke Power.

To date only one case has been ruled in favour of the plaintiff. In 2003 an Illinois jury awarded $1m to a man who had welded for 30 years.