BOC has launched a new generation of MagMATE Pro welding solutions that make inverter technology accessible to light users.

The range includes three models. The first is the MagMATE Pro 180 suitable for those working with thin gauge sheet metal including air conditioning, smash repairs and panel beaters. The other additions to the range include the MagMATE Pro 200 ideal for continuous welding applications and the MagMATE Pro 250 suitable for light to medium production

$quot;The range provides excellent value for money,$quot; explains Andrew Bridger, business manager, Industrial Equipment, BOC. $quot;The new generation of MagMATE Pro welders provides light users with a massive step up in technology at the same price as more traditional welders.$quot;

The machines are also much lighter than the previous range weighing just 32 kilograms. They weigh less than half the size of the previous model which makes them more portable than ever before.

Mr Bridger explains further, $quot;This range provides features not available to these users before, including voltage and amperage meters, electronic wire sharpening and wire feed speed controls.$quot;

The range is available nationally through BOC's Gas & Gear stores and licensed BOC agents.

$quot;The MagMATE Pro has been developed with local expertise for local conditions,$quot; says Bridger in conclusion. $quot;Welders in Australia and New Zealand will appreciate the ease of operation, the robust yet lightweight nature of the new MagMATE, and its total reliability.$quot;