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    MagneGas in agreement with Holston Gases


    Magnegas Corporation has announced the signing of an agreement with Holston Gases of Tennessee, US in which Holston will now be distributing the MagneGas2® fuel for metal cutting applications as an alternative to acetylene.

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    HFT® recommends Multistrike® electrodes


    Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) has created the MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes that increase efficiency and reduce the risk to health in welding processes.

  • Lincoln electric wireless remote in handsm
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    Lincoln Electric expands wireless remote feature


    Lincoln Electric has extended its wireless remote capability to an additional engine-driven welder model – the SAE-300® MP, with a Kubota® engine and standard grey paint.

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    Lincoln Electric unveils 4-pack rack


    Lincoln Electric has released a new 4-pack rack, made especially for Flextec ® 350X multi-process welders.

  • Avanto linde

    Linde technology “transforms” welding processes


    Linde Gases has launched its latest, innovative process management solution for welding operations, which will “transform the way welding is performed and documented,” according to the company.

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    Lincoln Electric’s welding classes features celebrity tutors


    Those attending the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2016 in Las Vegas next month might spot some familiar famous faces, as two celebrity instructors join Lincoln Electric at its stand.

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    Hobart – Celebrating 100 years of product innovation


    Hobart Brothers Company is preparing to celebrate a milestone in 2017 few companies have the privilege to achieve — their 100th anniversary. With a history rich in innovation and determination, it was the forward-thinking of the three generations of Hobarts that laid the foundation for the company’s success during the ...

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    US welding and cutting business report


    The industrial gas and hardgoods distribution business across the United States has been searching for growth since the economic downturn that began with the recession in late 2008. Welding and Cutting (W C) gases and hardgoods are at the heart of the US distributor business. The 2016 market for the ...

  • Bob Ranc, Weldcoa and WEMCO

    10 minutes with...Bob Ranc


    Take 10 minutes out with Bob Ranc, WEMCO Membership Committee Chairman and GAWDA Liaison, and Director of Sales, Industrial and Medical Divisions at Weldcoa, as he discusses his role in the welding industry and the journey that led him there. Ranc also talks us through the highlights and challenges ...

  • oxyfuel cutting

    Oxyfuel cutting – The effect of oxygen purity


    In this article we examine the use of vacuum swing adsorbtion (VSA) oxygen generator producing 95.4% purity in cutting applications in the scrap industry. Typically, cylinder oxygen with 99% purity is used. However, this practice can quickly add up to higher expenses due to cylinder renting fees, higher costs of ...

  • Workshop for Warriors

    Good corporate citizenship in the welding community


    In his book Wealth of Nations, Economist Adam Smith described “an invisible hand” of the market that guides the action of individuals, but produces an unintended economic benefit for society. Society has changed a bit since Smith wrote Wealth of Nations in 1776.

  • Automated welding

    Automated welding isn’t all that it ‘seams’ – yet


    Inside the robotic and hard automation applications of manufacturing plants across the world, there are imperfect methods used to try and create a perfect, repeatable processes. Think about the ideal situation in an automated welding environment: the joint, the gap, and the positioning are all perfectly placed, the robotic torch ...

  • 3D printing technology

    3D printing technology


    Since 3D printing was introduced there have been continuous developments to the process. One of these, the use of fusion welding as a deposition source, has opened up wide ranging possibilities in manufacturing.

  • ARCO Welding and Supply Company team

    ARCO Welding and Supply Company – Tunneling to success


    The economic downturn that began with the Great Recession has impacted the industrial gas and hardgoods distribution business across the United States, particularly in the welding and fabrication sector. This is a story of a company that has defied that trend. Here is ARCO’s story.

  • Cutting sparks welding

    Easom Automation releases multi-robot weld cell


    Easom Automation Systems, Inc., a Lincoln Electric company, has released its new H-Frame Weld Cell and Positioners, capable of integrating up to four Fanuc robots into the weld cell at once.

  • Purg eye 100 weld purge monitor action shot

    HFT monitors argon quality in welds


    According to an anonymous customer of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT®), “More and more in our experience, we are finding inferior argon (Ar) that isn’t what it says on the bottle.”

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    Air Products sponsors Taiwan welding contest


    Air Products San Fu, a subsidiary of Air Products, recently sponsored the welding contests at the 46th Vocational Skills Competition and the jointly held 44 th WorldSkills Competition Team Selection Contest.

  • Wolf Robotics new Power Wave®

    Wolf Robotics to advance robotic metal-additive manufacturing


    Wolf Robotics, a Lincoln Electric Company, is paving the way for advancements in Robotic Big Area Additive Manufacturing (R-BAAM) with its Power Wave® Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®) system.

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    Woikoski heightens services in welding industry


    Oy Woikoski Ab has heightened its position in the welding industry following a collaboration with welding service provider and fellow Finnish corporation ProWeld Finland Oy.

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    Haun Welding Supply acquires two firms in New York


    Haun Welding Supply Inc., a US-based welding equipment merchant, has expanded its presence in the state of New York after acquiring two firms in the region.