Weldship Corporation has begun its solar panel installation in an effort to go green, with the company opting to invest in the project in an attempt to decrease the amount of energy used from traditional non-renewable sources.

With the sun producing massive amounts of energy, Weldship is looking to harvest the abundant resource and preserve the wellbeing of the environment.

Weldship manufactures a full line of compressed gas tube trailers and ISO containers that are used to transport many of the electronic grade gases used in the photovoltaic cell manufacturing process. According to Weldship President Bob Arcieri, “We are proud to participate in this important project which will decrease our reliance on non-renewable energy sources while reducing our cost of operations.”

This million dollar project will boast a 191-kilowatt infrastructure on the roofs of the Bethlehem facility in eastern Pennsylvania. Excess power gained from the solar panels will be yielded and supplied back to the grid via Pennsylvania Power and Light.

Weldship Corporation is a manufacturer of tube trailers, ISO containers and ground storage equipment that is sold, or leased to customers in the compressed gas and specialty chemical industries around the world.