With his retirement looming on the horizon, Weldship Industries has announced that Vic Pratt is to continue his relationship with the company and will now be undertaking the role of senior advisor on a part-time basis.

“For the past 20 years,” a press release explains, “Weldship Industries has had the good fortune of employing Vic Pratt, a name that has become well known within the industrial gas industry.”

Now, as Pratt begins eyeing retirement, he will be taking on the role of Senior Advisor, a transition from full time to part time.

After graduating from Lehigh University and completing over three years active duty as an officer with the U.S. Navy, Pratt accepted a marketing position with the Linde Division of Union Carbide in 1965.

For 26 years, Pratt met with existing and potential clients on behalf of Union Carbide, creating business opportunities and friendships that have remained with him throughout the years

In 1991, however, Pratt accepted a position of Vice President of Marketing at Weldship Industries, where he would transfer his knowledge of the gas industry to Weldship, which has been a leading supplier of compressed gas tube trailers, ground storage modules, and ISO containers for many years. In his 20 years at Weldship, Pratt has taken on the responsibility of representing the company at numerous trade shows while visiting with customers at their locations throughout the US and Mexico.

According to Weldship President Bob Arcieri, “Vic has been a major contributor to the ongoing success that Weldship has experienced for many years. We are honoured and grateful that Vic has chosen to continue his relationship with Weldship in a senior advisory role.”

With the newly announced change in role, Weldship notes that inquiries that may once have been submitted to Pratt can now be directed toward Jim Cielinski, General Sales Manager (610) 861-7330 (jcielinski@weldship.com), Mike Arcieri, Regional Sales Manager (508) 898-2200 (michael.arcieri@weldship.com), or Billy Cox, Regional Sales Manager (940) 668-1777 (billy.cox@texastrailercorp.com).