Weldstar and Depke Gases and Welding Supplies have completed a merger that will combine Weldstar’s four locations with Depke’s three central Illinois locations.

Depke continues its operations as a subsidiary of the Weldstar Company with Curt Towne continuing as Depke President. Towne will serve on the management team and Board of Directors of Weldstar.

J.B. Winkle of Weldstar, expressed, “The merger with our good friend Towne brings together two like-minded companies and allows us to add members of a talented staff at Depke, most notably Towne, to our team.”

“The possibilities that come with the Weldstar-Depke merger are extremely exciting. The combined personnel, geography and capabilities make us a formidable regional player. My family and I couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with the Winkle family in their highly respected and successful company,” added Towne.

Depke was established in 1928 and Weldstar in 1936. Depke is headquartered in Danville, Illinois and serves the central Illinois market. Weldstar is headquartered in Aurora Illinois and serves the northern Illinois, northern Indiana and southern Wisconsin markets. Both companies have and will continue to serve the welding supply, gas, and specialty gas markets. The combination of two strong companies will allow the new venture to leverage talent, technology, and logistics.