German biogas plant specialist WELTEC BIOPOWER (WELTEC) has advanced the adoption of biogas and anaerobic digestion (AD) in Greece through its involvement in 17 of a total of 30 Greek agricultural and waste biogas plants.

With readily available organic residue potential available in the form of chicken farms, the northern part of Greece is ideally suited for a biogas-powered energy transition. 

WELTEC’s AD plant located in Megara, 30km west of Athens was expanded in March 2021 and is now seeing a doubled output of one megawatt (MW). 

With the area around Megara well known for its poultry farms – the biogas plant being located on the site of a chicken farm with 20,000 laying hens – enough organic input material was readily available in the form of chicken droppings, olive oil pomace, and whey. 

Following expansion, the daily amount of the substrate mix has risen to 190 tonnes. 

Commenting on the plant’s development, John Tetoros, Greek Sales Partners for WELTEC, said, “The plant was already running very successfully before the expansion.” 

“An above-average plant availability of 97% confirms that the extension with WELTEC was the right decision.” 

WELTEC added a second nearly-4,000 cubic metre stainless steel digester to the plant, along with another pre-storage unit and a second 530-KW (kilowatt) combined heat & power unit (CHP). 

The Megara plant is considered one of the most efficient biogas projects in Greece, contributing to the country’s efforts to accelerate an energy transition. 

Totoros added, “The icing on the cake for the success of this plant is the strategically favourable location, the care of the oeprators and the use of the heat for stables and offices.” 

“So, it is hardly surprising that one of the two operators decided to build another biogas plant in Ritsona, 40km north of Athens.” 

The new biogas plant is due to begin operation in Spring, 2022.