Weltec Biopower will start building a biogas plant in Veria, northern Greece this summer.

The German biogas plant builder said the main investor and operator of the project is one of the largest abattoirs for cattle and pigs in Greece.

The 500kw plant, which Weltec has planned in collaboration with its Greek partner Tetoros Machinery in Megara, is set to go live as early as mid-November 2020.

The anaerobic digestion process will mainly use cattle manure and meat processing leftovers.

Apart from these substrates, the 4,903-m3 stainless-steel digester will also be fed with production wastewater and fats.

The input substances will come from the operators own abattoir and farms as well as from farmers in the vicinity.

“The highly efficient digestion will start with a customised input process. For this purpose, the substrates will first be loaded into a 60-m3 moving floor feeder,” explained Alain Priser, International Sales Manager at Weltec Biopower.

“The feeder will transport solid substrates, such as orange peels, to the MULTIMix unit, where they will shredded and then pumped to the digester.”

“Liquid substrates will be pumped directly into the digester from two storage units

“Following the digestion process, the entire digestate will be treated in a downstream hygienisation unit.”


Source: Weltec Biopower