Wescorp Energy Inc, an oil and gas technology solutions provider, reported in August that the nitrogen testing on its 2,000 barrel per day (bpd) commercial water remediation test unit has been successfully completed.

The company’s water remediation units reportedly use a patented technology that provides safe, effective and economical separation of oil and solids from produced water.

The company indicated that nitrogen testing uses only nitrogen gas in the microscopic bubble generator, to produce environmentally friendly by-product gas.

Mark Norris, Chairman of Wescorp Energy and former Minister of Economic Development in the Alberta Provincial Government, commented, “The successful results from the nitrogen tests for our patented water remediation unit are significant for Wescorp.”

“By using Wescorp’s solution for water remediation, companies can further reduce their carbon emissions. There are additional emission reductions through a decrease in service and repair work on injection and disposal wells. This can result in significant cost savings and reduction in overall operating costs.”

Norris added, “When oil and gas operators use our water management solution, the advantages are numerous. Companies can operate in a more environmentally friendly manner, decreasing operating cost and increasing profitability all at the same time. We intend on using nitrogen generators on all future units including those going to Kansas, Wyoming and Texas as part of our large order for up to 256 units.”

Canada-headquartered Wescorp Energy also claimed that the use of the nitrogen version of its environmentally friendly process can help in obtaining Kyotocarbon tax credits.