Following requests from a variety of end-user clients and gas companies, Wessington Cryogenics has introduced a new higher pressure range of standard liquid nitrogen (N2) pressure vessels.

The UK-based business has designed the new EPV Series of liquid N2 tanks with a working pressure of up to 16 bar to allow for higher pressure fill requirements via gas company transfer pumps.

Wessington explained, however, that the range still retains the functionality associated with low pressure liquid supply operations as it can stream low gaseous supply rates of up to 50 litres per minute via a separate gas use conversion kit.

Enhanced features include an additional valve vent in addition to a standard 95% trycock vent, plus a spare top manifold entry port for improved operations.

Established in 1984, Wessington is a world leading cryogenic tank manufacturer headquartered in Tyne and Wear, UK.