Wessington Cryogenics, a leading cryogenic vessel and tank manufacturer, played a pivotal part in Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov’s record-breaking balloon flight around the world.

Flying from Northam in Western Australia, the UK-based business designed and supplied a 160 litre liquid oxygen (O2) storage tank, essential to keep Konyukhov breathing at such high altitudes.

A statement from the company enthused, “Once again, Wessington are proud to be part of such a fantastic adventure and many congratulations to Fedor for completing this record balloon flight.” 

Australia-based gas supplier Supagas provided all the helium (He), ethane, propane and liquid O2 needed onsite for the tank filling and balloon inflation.

Konyukhov set a new world record for the fastest time around the world in a hot air balloon completing the journey in eleven days, five hours and eleven minutes. He is also the first person to ever fly a balloon around the world and fly back over the same airfield he launched from.