Offering industrial and specialty gases, welding supplies and equipment, and specialty gas equipment and cryogenic products, West Air Gases has provided a one stop place to purchase different welding supplies in California.

West Air Gases & Equipment is one of the few companies that has been providing Americans with high quality welding supplies and equipment since the 1970s. Being a completely family owned business, it takes pride in servicing its customers and providing them with affordable products that offer complete value of money.

The four decades of experience in manufacturing welding and gas equipment has given the company credibility and has created a certain trust about its products among potential customers.

“After all as a family owned business, your customers matter the most. That is why West Air is committed to providing their customers with state of the art products and an exceptional customer service,” says the company President and the COO, Steve Byers.

After becoming one of the top welding equipment distributors in the US, the company still follows its customer first policy and insists that an employee will always greet a customer and show them around the showroom floor.

The comprehensive range of gas welding equipment that West Air Gases & Equipment offers, incorporates the latest technology, developed with the help of a dedicated team of engineers and gas experts who also provide a thorough training to customers for using its products efficiently. The welding and cutting equipment includes MIG, TIG and stick welders for home and garage use which are powerful enough to also be used in commercial enterprises like ship building, pipelines, and production lines.

Not only this, but the company offers specialized gas apparatus and a whole line of gas equipment which includes regulators, flow meters, torches, and manifolds.

According the company President Steve Byers, “West Air Gases & Equipment takes pride in serving many different industries and provides them with a comprehensive range of products that help them not only grow and prosper but even provide exceptional service to their customers.”

With specialty stores and showrooms in three locations, California, Arizona, and Texas, you can purchase products by stepping into a store and can get them shipped through modern fleet trucks for bulk delivery right at your doorstep. Not only this, but the company offers a tracking system which keeps you updated on the status of your order.