Today (Friday December 6th) Air Liquide obtained the keys to the first two Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles registered in France.

The cars are hydrogen-powered and have a range close to 600km, and have only one emission – water. This delivery of two of the first mass-produced fuel cell electric vehicles represents an important landmark in the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

Highly involved in this field, Air Liquide wanted to be the first to use these vehicles in France. Air Liquide’s hydrogen filling stations can fill the vehicles’ tanks in under five minutes. This high-performance technology is already safe and available.

Hydrogen, a clean energy carrier

Used in a fuel cell, hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air to produce electricity, with water as the only by-product. Hydrogen can be produced from various energy sources, including natural gas. With Blue Hydrogen, Air Liquide has undertaken to produce 50% of its hydrogen for hydrogen energy applications from renewable sources.

Hydrogen therefore has huge potential for providing clean energy and guaranteeing secure supply. Air Liquide is present across the entire hydrogen energy chain, from production, to distribution, high-pressure storage, fuel cells, and hydrogen filling stations.

In October 2012 gasworld magazine published a Liquid Air suppliment discussing the ways in which gases could harness the key to the power of our future. You can read the content by following this link