Opteon® YF (R1234yf), a new environmentally friendly refrigerant for cars, is now available in the UK & Ireland from BOC, the UK’s biggest industrial gases business and a member of The Linde Group.

Produced by DuPont, Opteon® YF has a significantly lower global warming potential (GWP) – but the same cooling capability – as the current car refrigerant R134a. The EU’s MAC Directive 2006/40 has, since January 2011, capped the GWP of mobile air conditioning (MAC) refrigerant gases used in new car design platforms at 150. With a GWP of just 4, Opteon® YF is 99.7% lower than that of R134a and substantially reduces the carbon footprint of the refrigeration system over the vehicle’s lifetime.

As Ruth Leland, BOC’s Sales and Marketing Manager for Refrigerants, said, “We are extremely pleased to offer Opteon® YF across the UK. We are seeing a steady increase in demand for Opteon® YF as car manufacturers continue to launch new car models or platforms and need to move to a refrigerant with very low global warming potential.”

From 2017, the MAC Directive will apply to all new cars regardless of when the platform was introduced. The phase-out of high GWP refrigerants will impact all areas of the automotive industry, from manufacturing to aftercare servicing and repair.

About DuPont

DuPont has an 85-year history of leadership in refrigerants and pioneered much of the technology that makes air conditioning possible today. DuPont has been supplying refrigerants and a wide range of other products to the automotive industry for many decades.