BOC is showcasing SOLVOX®, its latest development in low and medium pressure oxygenation systems for fish farming at Aquaculture UK 2014.

The flexible SOLVOX oxygen dissolving equipment can be applied to any fish tank to establish optimum environmental conditions, thus improving fish health and allowing for faster growth.  BOC is a leading end-to-end supplier to fish farms, offering industrial gas supply, specialist oxygenation and control equipment, installation and consultant services, as well as training and optimisation of the system, supported by an international network of experts to develop tailored solutions.

Maintaining proper oxygen levels - in fresh water or salt water - is important to enable the fish to combat disease and leads to stable production and economic benefits for the farmer. The correct dissolved oxygen level for optimal fish growth depends on species, size, feeding rate, activity level and water temperature. In closed or recycled systems, increased oxygen saturation levels are essential for fish survival. The dissolution of oxygen and transfer rate is greatly improved when using pure oxygen as opposed to air; this significantly reduces pressure requirements and pumping power and avoids the risk of super saturation.

BOC, which is part of The Linde Group, is launching the technology into the UK market. SOLVOX technology sold by The Linde Group is the preferred method of oxygenation in Norway. Easy to install, the unit can be retrofitted into the pipework of existing fish tanks to oxygenate the entire flow entering the tank.

According to BOC the key benefits of the SOLVOX range are:

·       Reduced fish mortality

·       Improved feed conversion rate

·       Improved growth rate

·       Increased stocking densities

·       Healthier, hence higher quality fish

Cedric Hanson, Business Development Manager at BOC, says, “We are excited about the new SOLVOX technology range and are very pleased to be introducing it into the UK. The technology can be integrated into new or existing water distribution systems and tailored to suit most customer requirements.”

SOLVOX C, F and CV will be on BOC’s stand at Aquaculture UK 2014 ( in Aviemore, Scotland and our expert technical team will be on hand to explore individual oxygenation requirements during the show.