BOC, the UK & Ireland’s largest supplier of industrial gases and related equipment, is showcasing its latest developments in component cleaning technology at MACH 2014.

On display will be CRYOCLEAN® Snow, BOC’s innovative liquid CO2 snow cleaning technology, which is being introduced into the UK market. Targeted at manufacturers of components for a range of sectors including automotive, electronics and aerospace, this BOC-developed technology has been specifically created for cleaning component surfaces prior to painting or coating. Fully automated, it is an efficient alternative to aqueous or chemical processes for surface cleaning prior to coating.

BOC, which is part of The Linde Group, is working in partnership with Delta Process Systems Ltd, the Birmingham-based paint finishing systems specialist, and Yaskawa MOTOMON robotics, to promote CRYOCLEAN Snow. BOC is supplying the CO2 and gas delivery systems, Delta Process Systems is supplying the cleaning room and Yaskawa is supplying the robotics. Outside the UK, Linde has already installed over 50 units.

CRYOCLEAN Snow feeds liquid CO2 into a specially designed snow chamber, where dry ice crystals are created and shot onto the component surface using compressed air, resulting in effective cleaning without any surface damage. With faster processing times and fewer process steps it uses less water and energy and is therefore more cost-effective than existing cleaning processes, while producing the same quality results. It is also more environmentally friendly because no liquid cleaning agents come into contact with the product, and there is no drying process or waste water treatment required.

CRYOCLEAN Snow is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications including:

·       Surface pre-treatment for e-coating, lacquering or gluing

·       Surface cleaning in the electronic and semiconductor industry

·       Mould cleaning in various production processes

·       Surface cleaning before and after welding.

Walter Veldsman, Business Development Manager, Applications at BOC says, “I am very pleased to be launching this technology into the UK. CRYOCLEAN Snow has a fundamentally new principle; the dry ice crystals for the cleaning process are directly produced immediately on demand. The system can be incorporated into new or existing material treatment processing lines and we can tailor everything from the cleaning process to coating and curing to suit your application.”