BOC’s new oxygen GENIE®  cylinder had proven to be a great success for railway engineers after it was tested in months of trails with UK based company Network Rail.

The GENIE cylinder has been a great success for railway engineers who need to carry out aluminothermic welding activities and or cutting work within the rail infrastructure. Often the engineers need to carry a cylinder of compressed oxygen through difficult strategic access points, sometimes at night, to allow access to the infrastructure.

Aimed at mobile gas users who need to manoeuvre cylinders into hard-to-access or off-grid locations for applications such as welding, heating or cutting, or for security cameras, task lighting or environmental monitoring, the new O2 and H2 GENIE range is now available in the UK from BOC.

The launch of the new range of GENIE for compressed O2 and H2 gas follows the successful introduction of the first phase of GENIE cylinders, for the inert gases nitrogen and argon, last year.

Engineers and managers from Network Rail have been trialling and testing the O2GENIE over a four month period at various locations throughout the UK. They subjected the GENIE cylinder to a wide range of extreme locations and temperature changes, and also incorporated various processes that Network Rail uses to weld and repair rail defects. The trial has concluded with data provided from the users that the cylinder meets the primary requirements for manual handling and production issues. It also reduces wear and tear on the vehicle fleet and, for the first time ever, Network Rail can now manage and budget the gas it uses on a shift basis.

Introduced into the UK market by BOC, the UK’s largest industrial and medical gases business and a member of The Linde Group, which developed the cylinders, GENIE cylinders represent a revolution in compressed gas cylinder design. They are lightweight and portable with a shorter, stockier design that makes them highly stable and they also include unique features such as in-built digital technology. Primarily developed for mobile gas customers seeking smarter, more portable and user-friendly gas packages, filled to 300 bar the GENIE also contains more gas. The H2 GENIE cylinder, for example, weighs 23kg which is one third the weight of a standard large H2 cylinder but it carries two-thirds of the contents.

The H2 GENIE is aimed at customers of hydrogen fuel cells, in particular the BOC Hymera hydrogen fuel cell power generator, which is an economical and clean way of supporting today’s lower power, efficient electrical applications such as lighting, security cameras and environmental monitoring, where grid power is not available. When used with a small fuel cell the H2 GENIE can deliver up to 7000 Wh of electrical energy, which is enough to provide continuous (24/7) power to a 10W security camera for a month or to power a 20W LED floodlight/security light, for two hours a day, for 6 months.

The O2 GENIE is aimed at customers who require low volumes of compressed oxygen cylinders for welding, cutting and heating and for whom portability is important. Ultra lightweight, these new revolutionary new cylinders are easy to carry and because of the Digital Intelligence Unit the user knows how much gas is left.

The new O2 and H2 cylinders are available on enquiry. GENIE cylinders for argon mixtures and nitrogen can be purchased from all BOC stores, agents and delivery channels.