In response to industry demand Cambridge Sensotec have developed the Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC Zirconia Oxygen Analyser, the company’s first instrument capable of proportional flow control.

This feature enables the control of oxygen in inert gas blanketing applications, for example inside an oven or similar equipment, via feedback between the analyser and valve.

Nitrogen, or other inert gases, are used within blanketing applications to protect against volatile substances, or substances that are prone to oxidation. Humid air in the head space of the container is replaced by the inert gas to secure against spoilage, combustion or explosion.

Wastage efficiency and consistency are key factors throughout the process, alongside the necessity to maintain stable inert gas levels. Closed loop process controls systems help to control the variable factors that can have an adverse effect on the process.

The Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC analyser is ideal for such applications, as it will generate a control signal and output via auxiliary terminals on the rear panel. This signal is used to control the proportional gas valve on the external equipment. The incorporated Rapidox software uses established Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control theory to enable stable control of the oxygen value.

The analyser possesses all of the distinguishing characteristics and features of the Rapidox 1100Z, including the provision of fast and accurate oxygen analysis over the range 1ppm to 100%. Response time is typically less than five seconds for a 90% step change in gas compositions. An internal pressure sensor compensates for small changes in gas pressure in order to maintain stable readings.