The Cavagna Group’s high pressure division, a world leader in manufacturing equipment and components for the control of compressed gases, is launching Viproxy® 1 Touch, an evolution of the Viproxy®valve line.

Viproxy® valves have become the preferred system for medical oxygen management and nitrous oxide sedation therapy based on their quality, reliability, and simplicity of use, satisfying healthcare requirements globally.  Viproxy® has come to define “user-friendly” with its integration of the valve and pressure regulator in a single unit.  

The complete line of Viproxy® valves combine a robust design for long-term performance reliability, provide ergonomic and intuitive design for the administering technician, and offer simplicity of use for the re-filler.

The Viproxy®1 Touch strategically incorporates the flow selector and internal pressure indicator on the front of the regulator for ease of control and gauge reading. The shut-off valve is integrated into the flow selector hand wheel for control with little effort.

Viproxy® 1 Touch is an all-in-one valve requiring just a simple touch to operate, yet it delivers with precision to meet the oxygen requirements of patients from infants to adults. Wherever portable medical oxygen is required, the Viproxy®1 Touch brings benefits to all parties in the healthcare chain. 

“We are proud to introduce our new all-in-one Viproxy® 1 Touch; it offers convenient high-performance, with a compact, easy and intuitive design,” says Rino Cavagna, Sales & Marketing Director of the group. “For the Viproxy®line, we wanted a user-friendly valve for all the people that come in contact with the cylinder. Viproxy® 1 Touch meets the requirements of speed, simplicity and reliability. Viproxy®1 Touch offers a wide range of accessories, designed to make it more practical and efficient in multiple applications. “