Everest Kanto Cylinder (EKC) has announced that in order to explore the European markets, EKC International FZE has launched its European operations through its 100% owned branch in Duisburg (Germany).

Such a strategy allows EKC not only to carefully explore European markets but, in the long run, also to diversify its customer base, reduce dependency on traditional export markets and to pass the cost efficiency advantage to its new customers in Europe.
The latter point gets the growing importance in view of the recent Euro crises and tightening budgets of gas industry players.
With cylinders ranging from one to 3,000 ltrs in water capacity and diameters from 76 mm up to 610 mm, with globally distributed 11 modern manufacturing plants in India, United Arab Emirates, China, and the USA and sales offices located in Germany, Czech Republic, Argentina, Thailand Everest Kanto Cylinders is happy to be offering its products in Europe for CNG onboard and storage applications, industrial gases for stationary and transportable storage - including Jumbo Tube trailers for bulk transportation - of high pressure compressed gases, medical, beverage, firefighting and breathing air applications.
The expanding range of Seamless Steel Cylinders manufactured by the EKC group of companies has earned a global reputation for their high standard of quality and compliance to the most stringent international and European specifications.
High pressure vessels are manufactured by the company from tubes, billets, plate as well as jumbo tubes and rely on state-to-the-art technologies, developed by the group since its founding in 1978.
EKC would be happy to supply the full range of small, medium size and large vessels for transportation and storage of compressed gases executed according to the requested specifications.
EKC’s continued efforts within the next months will be to establish closer business ties and to dedicatedly support the needs of its new customers all over Europe and allied markets.