After securing contracts with companies around the globe, Wessington Cryogenics will now be creating additional jobs and requires additional space.

The company, which has been in operation for 28 years, designs and makes specialist gas storage tanks. It received orders for 40ft iso-containers and a number of 60,000ltr cryogenic tanks.

Wessington Cryogenics Managing Director, Paul Rowe, stated just one of these orders is enough for the company to construct in a year – but the company has had a number of orders placed, resulting in it needing to expand really quickly.

“If it’s just one of these two items that are ordered, that would last us for the year. But because we have got a number of orders for all of these we need to expand both staff numbers and floor space,”

said Wessington Cryogenic Managing Director, Paul Rowe.

“We are using a 15,000 square foot factory about 10 miles away from our plant in Rainton Bridge South, in Sunderland, UK.”

“This new facility will, for the immediate future, assist in the building of ISO frames, skid units and other related products.”

“This releases space in our main site to start building new 40ft LNG ISO containers, a bigger throughput of our World Leading 10ft ISO containers and exiting range of 20ft ISO’s.”

“New, larger capacity cranes are being installed to assist with these new bigger tanks, including a new 60,000 ltr tank recently ordered.”

“We only moved into this building about two and a half years ago. And now we need even more space. It’s a great situation to be in for Wessington and for all our staff.”