Global transportation and logistics provider HOYER, based in Hamburg, generated the highest turnover in the company’s history to date – a total of €1,087m during the 2013 business year.

Responsible for the success are a solid strategy, a balanced portfolio and the values of a traditional family company.

The HOYER Group presented last year’s key figures in its recently published company report 2013: Earnings before taxes were €35.6m (previous year: €32.6m) and the return on sales before taxes (EBT/revenue) was 3.3% (previous year: 3.2%) which again was above the industry average. The majority of the profits remains in the company; the equity ratio was more than 40%.

The HOYER Group did very well in a highly competitive market characterised by pressure on both prices and margins, thereby solidifying its position as one of the world’s leading logistics providers for the chemical, food, gas and petroleum industries.

HOYER’s six business units developed differently during the year 2013. The Chemilog business unit extended its core business, European chemical logistics, and took an important step by taking over the bulk liquid unit of the Dutch De Rijke Group resulting in revenue growth of €61m. Even without this acquisition-based growth, the intermodal chemical business developed very well and posted revenue growth of 6%. This is a very positive development in light of the fact that the production of European chemicals slightly decreased during the first half of the year.

The Deep Sea business unit, which incorporates all overseas activities, was able to increase its 2013 result before taxes when compared with 2012. The Petrolog business unit showed growth in its fuel supply for gas stations by 3%. In the field of gas logistics, the Gaslog business unit finished the financial year 2013 with the same turnover as in the previous year. Revenues of the Foodlog business unit were below the previous year’s. Techlog business unit, which since 2013 has been incorporating the Supply Chain Solutions area in addition to the technical activities, was able to increase its result despite declining order volumes.

The HOYER Group invested more than €100m in 2013 to develop the company, significantly more than in the previous year (previous year: about €65m). In addition to the strategic takeover of De Rijke‘s bulk liquid unit the company took a stake in a terminal for combined transportation in Antwerp. Further, the HOYER Group made additional investments in its own fleet of modern tank containers, road tankers and intermediate bulk containers.

”The numbers for 2013 show that our triad of shareholders, Executive Board and Advisory Board is charting the right course“, says Thomas Hoyer, shareholder and Chairman of the HOYER Group’s Advisory Board. “The long-term strategy and inter-generational thinking are the hallmarks of our family business. They also form the basis of our business success and will continue to serve our customers whom we will support around the world as a leading logistics provider.“

The development in the current year is promising as the first quarter of 2014 showed growth in earnings which also exceeded the budget expectations.