The Austrian company Schwingenschlögel has announced it has set new standards for the transport of refrigerated air gases with the launch of the AeroGo – which combines high environmental friendliness and optimal utility.

The new generation of semi-trailer tank trucks boasts a fuel consumption reduced by eight percent – with optimal aerodynamics for efficient transport.

With the AeroGo, Schwingenschlögel addresses a particularly sensitive issue with semitrailer tank trucks: Aerodynamics. The designers succeeded for the first time in significantly reducing the aerodynamic drag with a special kit. Flow simulation experts performed a series of complex CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analyses in a virtual wind tunnel to base the design on. Compared to other semi-trailer tanks, the Cw value was reduced by 52% for this prototype: transport efficiency was therefore improved through this significant reduction of the drag coefficient.

The reduced drag should reduce fuel consumption by eight percent. This reduced fuel consumption was found in the simulation and confirmed in initial practical trials. This reduces the operating costs of transport companies. A further factor increasing the economy is the low tare weight of the AeroGo, which allows a high net load of 25,000kg to be transported.

The AeroGo also reduces the amount of CO2 emissions and the impact it has on the environment as a result of reduced fuel consumption.

To Schwingenschlögel, functionality is essential, but so is design.“Functionality is not the only requirement, even for today’s utility vehicles. Design is becoming increasingly important as well. Strikingly branded vehicles are effective – a vehicle after all is on the road virtually 24/7”, says Kurt Schwingenschlögel junior.

“Branding is an effective means of differentiation. Some of our customers are already using our vehicles with perfect effect in this regard”, says Schwingenschlögel.

The Schwingenschlögel company has been manufacturing semi-trailer tank trucks for cryogenic transport for 13 years, cementing its position as Europe’s technical market leader.