IGS Italia s.r.l. has announced the company will begin operating under a new trade name and will be known as NOXERIOR s.r.l - effective immediately.

The company is a worldwide supplier of instrument air packages and non-cryogenic airseparation plants for nitrogen and oxygen generation.

President Oscar de Groen said, “We are excited about the introduction of our new company name and the plans presented for our future by the new shareholder. In order to support the expected substantial growth of our business we will receive unprecedented investments to accelerate our current product development programme. As part of our heavy focus on innovation, new technologies, and expansion of worldwide activities, it was appropriate to rebrand our company to differentiate ourselves from the competition and better market ourselves. This is important for both our people and our company as we further expand our business for gas generation systems.”

“Our new company name is a contraction of the words “nitrogen”, “oxygen” and “superior” to ensure that our image and name accurately reflect what we do,” added Laura Ammiraglia, the company’s Marketing and Sales Director. “Changing our name to NOXERIOR formalises the start of a new chapter in our company’s long history since 1973 and we are extremely delighted that we finally will be in the position to develop our present innovative technology concepts for our future nitrogen and oxygen generators in order to offer our business partners a truly winning product in terms of price and performance.”

NOXERIOR focuses on all aspects of the non‐cryogenic on‐site generation of nitrogen and oxygen; the company help our customers to reduce their expenses for nitrogen and oxygen by offering a customized solution based on either PSA or hollow‐fibre membrane technology. The unique and patented technology applied for the compnay’s NITROSWING® and OXYSWING® modular PSA generators have set market standards in terms of flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Besides standard generators NOXERIOR also supply special designed and engineered instrument air, nitrogen and oxygen generation packages according to the specifications of the customer. The systems are operated successfully by customers in various industries all over the world.