ITM Power, the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH (NRM), a 90% subsidiary of Mainova Aktiengesellschaft GmbH (Mainova).

Under the MOU, the companies will jointly identify and quote for PEM Electrolysis Power-to-Gas projects in Germany and internationally. NRM will have exclusivity to deploy ITM Power plant in their home state of Hessen in Germany and will be the Company’s preferred partner for projects in other German states and internationally. The MOU covers both the direct injection of hydrogen gas into mains gas grids and methanation projects.

ITM Power has deployed its PEM Electrolysis Power-to-Gas (P2G) plant at the Mainova Aktiengesellschaft site in Schielestrasse, Frankfurt am Main where the compliant gas mixing and grid injection infrastructure designed and built by NRM is already in place. The plant, which was jointly commissioned by 13 partners within the Thüga Group to investigate P2G-Technology, is now on-site and is undergoing an extensive acceptance, compliance and commissioning phase before live commissioning in December.

This plant is part of the Thüga Group’s P2G project as previously reported. Both ITM and NRM are building this plant with the Thüga project consortium, of which ITM and NRM’s parent Mainova are both partners. The install also includes a monitoring facility and visitor’s reception so that members of the Thüga Group can examine the performance of the plant.

Phil Doran, MD of ITM Power GmbH commented, “We are delighted to further strengthen our existing ties to NRM, a company we have now worked with very closely over this last year in the context of our joint involvement in the Thüga Power-to-Gas project now being installed in the Schielestraße in Frankfurt. We look forward to further developing P2G projects together with NRM as this advanced H2 storage technology establishes itself in the ever expanding renewable energy market.”

Prof. Dr. Peter Birkner, CTO of Mainova AG said, “The long-term experience of NRM in the transportation and storage of natural gas as well at its excellent engineering expertise in combination with the advanced electrolyser technology of ITM Power will help to deploy efficient systems for the transformation of the energy system in Germany.”