The Linde Group will intensify its involvement in the Shell Eco-marathon, becoming a “Global Paddock Partner” for this year’s event – which takes place annually.

Shell Eco-marathon is one of the world’s most challenging student innovation competitions and takes place in Europe, America and Asia.

“Hydrogen fuel technology is a fascinating area of development for both Shell and us. We are delighted to partner with Shell in this official capacity, supporting students who are developing this technology in an environment about which we care passionately. We are sure that the work undertaken at the Shell Eco-marathons will benefit future R&D and that today’s students will be a driving force for tomorrow’s car development,” commented Markus Bachmeier, Head of Hydrogen Solutions at Linde.

Linde is the exclusive hydrogen supplier to the European edition of Shell Eco-marathon for the fourth consecutive year. Race teams using a fuel cell power unit for their competition vehicles are supplied with hydrogen in ready-to-install gas cylinders. Furthermore, Linde’s long-standing expertise in hydrogen enables them not only to manage the hydrogen logistics but also to provide valuable technical support and advice to the student teams from across the world.

Besides pushing the boundaries of fuel efficiency, Shell Eco-marathon is also an educational platform, giving innovators practical experience of developing smarter, sustainable transportation. Linde welcomes this opportunity to present itself to a particularly highly motivated and skilled group of future engineers from all around the world.

This year’s events are scheduled for February 6th to 9th in Manila, Philippines, April 25th to 27th in Houston, USA, and May 15th to 18th in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Each of them will host between 100 and 200 student teams from across Asia, the Americas and Europe, respectively.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of hydrogen plants, Linde covers the entire technology spectrum required to successfully use hydrogen as an energy carrier – from generation to refuelling. So far, Linde has equipped over 80 fuelling stations in 15 countries with innovative hydrogen refuelling technology.