Technology company The Linde Group will be presenting the latest advances in eco-friendly energy carriers at HANNOVER MESSE 2014. It will be focusing in particular on hydrogen and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

This year, Linde will once again be the exclusive supplier of hydrogen for the fuel-cell cars operated by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) in Hanover. CEP partners Daimler, GM/Opel, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen/Audi will be inviting exhibition visitors to take a test drive in their zero-emission vehicles. The cars will be refuelled with green hydrogen supplied by a mobile refuelling unit developed by Linde.

The production of hydrogen from raw glycerol or biogas has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 50 and 80% compared to conventional hydrogen production processes, once it has been brought onto an industrial scale.

Linde can draw upon a long-standing and comprehensive expertise in the hydrogen sector. The company has been producing hydrogen on a large scale for its industrial customers for over a century. Around 25 years ago, Linde was one of the first companies to recognise hydrogen’s potential as a clean fuel and to invest in developing the necessary technology to be able to realise it. Today, Linde is a leading supplier of hydrogen refuelling solutions and boasts unique selling propositions such as the easy-to-maintain ionic compressor and the cryo-pump. As a founding member of influential initiatives like CEP and ‘H2Mobility’ Linde continues to promote hydrogen as an environmentally-friendly energy carrier. Its benefits - a large operating range combined with quick refueling - are convincing ever more companies, organisations and public institutions to bet on hydrogen.

The latest example of the growing hydrogen following is the pan-European ‘HyFIVE’ project, founded in London on 3 April 2014.

All visitors are welcome to visit Linde’s stand in hall 27 from the 7th to 11th of April 2014 in Hanover. The company will be presenting a host of clean technologies - including those outlined above.