The German industrial gas group, Linde is to grow closer to its US customers with investment towards an air separation plant in Lewisville, Arkansas.

The facility will offer a daily capacity of 470 tons and will produce liquid oxygen and nitrogen to meet the rapidly growing demand in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

“This new plant will give us the size and operating efficiencies we need to support our top customers, who have seen great expansion in their own businesses and who are poised for even more growth in the future,” exclaimed Pat Murphy, President of Linde North America.

“The plant’s capacity will compliment production from our Terrell, Texas plant and strengthen our entire supply capability throughout the South,” added Murphy.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2012. The plant, which will employ 24 members of staff, is expected to begin operating by the fourth quarter of 2013.

“Linde is bringing production capacity closer to our customers so we can improve their supply security and reduce our own carbon footprint. Developing environmental solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions is part of Linde’s commitment to sustainability.”

The plant, which will be designed and constructed by Linde’s Engineering Division, will use the least amount of electricity possible in order to produce the gases. According to Linde it will also require less fuel for its delivery trucks, since the plant will be located closer to customers.

The gases produced at the plant will be delivered by tanker truck to customers ranging from manufacturers of chemicals and petroleum products to food processors, metal fabricators and healthcare providers.