McPhy has announced that it is taking part in a new project – titled H2BER, which is a revolutionary new renewable energy project in Germany.

Renewable energy from the Enertrag wind farm near the new airport in Berlin will be converted into hydrogen by a McPhy Energy electrolyser, to smooth fluctuations and surplus wind energy.

Total and Linde will build the infrastructure necessary to distribute this fuel to buses and automobiles powered by fuel cell.

In addition, new-generation McPhy solid hydrogen-storage will allow the 2G power station to provide electricity or heat from stored hydrogen, flexibly and on demand.

The interests of this project are multiple:

  • To produce zero-emission fuel for cars or buses running on hydrogen and/or supply other hydrogen filling-stations.
  • To re-inject surplus renewable energy into the natural gas network or the electricity grid.
  • To optimise a system that is subjected to high constraints with regard to electric power supply and implement many technological elements.