Messer GmbH’s oxygen is proving critical to the elimination of oxygen deficiency in Ochsenfurt’s settling ponds.  

The ponds run by Südzucker AG, house large quantities of water to wash beets and are treated in wastewater treatment plants courtesy of settling ponds.

Aerobic bacteria decomposes some of the organic substances in the water, such as sugar and beet residues. But, as Messer explained, last spring an oxygen deficiency upset the chemical balance of the water in the sugar factory’s settling ponds which released objectionable odours.

Nevertheless, with partial oxygenation (PO process) from Messer, the problem was soon solved: the injection of pure oxygen raised the oxygen content in the ponds again, thereby effectively suppressing the decomposition.

Messer reinstated the balance thanks to a network of fine-pored aeration hoses. The non-energy consuming hoses emit tiny bubbles of pure oxygen continuously which quickly dissolve over a wide area at the bottom of the settling ponds. Südzucker in Ochsenfurt will continue to use the PO process until the expansion of their wastewater treatment plant.