MOCON, Inc, the world’s leading manufacturer of permeation instrumentation, is announcing its support of the Food Packaging Group, School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork (UCC), Cork, Ireland.

Working in partnership with Joe P. Kerry, Ph.D., and food packaging technologist and senior lecturer at UCC, MOCON will be donating oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour permeation instrumentation as well as package integrity test equipment and headspace analysers. This instrumentation will be used to further technology and innovative packaging-based education at the university, as well as help support the research needs of the Irish food and packaging industries.

“We have worked with Dr. Kerry for several years and recognise his reputation as a leader in the field of packaging technology,” said Doug Lindemann, Vice President, MOCON. “Providing these tools to enhance the university’s ability to further packaging technology in this important market is a natural progression of our relationship.”

Long responsible for creating industry standards for permeation and other packaging-related instrumentation, MOCON has had an ongoing commitment to support educational efforts.

This announcement is just one more example of MOCON’s desire to help train of the next generation of packaging professionals on leading-edge technology.