Weld Purge Monitors® are an essential tool for the process industries with various models serving different levels of weld purge requirements.

There are applications that can be satisfied with monitors measuring down to 100ppm and, for the higher specification industries such as Aerospace, Food and Drinks, Semi-conductor, Biofuels plus other sectors that need to achieve oxygen levels down to 10ppm, there are other models.

One such model has just been developed for the process industries and that is the PurgEye® 200 which is now rolling off the production lines partially to meet an order for 30 units from the Far East.

This is a hand held, battery driven monitor that will read very accurately down to 10ppm. It is probably the lowest cost Weld Purge Monitor® of its kind even though it contains an internal electro-mechanical pump for drawing samples of gas automatically over the sensor before discharging it to atmosphere.

The lifetime sensor eliminates the need for changing cells once every year or so, subject to the type of usage the “wet” cells receive.

Alarm signals can be given by the PurgEye® 200 to show when the purge gas level is within or outside the preset range.