On the 1st of May Kim Dalum will take over as CEO of Union Engineering – with the current CEO, Peter Kriklywi, has, at his own request, chosen to work in other business areas within the group.

A unanimous Board of Directors has appointed Kim Dalum for the position as new CEO. Kim Dalum comes from a position as General Manager, Market Unit Brewery at Alfa -Laval A/S, and has previously among other things, been co-owner and CEO of Sander Hansen A/S.

In a statement, Chairman of the board, Jens Thoger Hansen, said, “Peter Kriklywi will continue as a board member of the subsidiary AircoDIET and will not later than the next annual general meeting in 2015 join the Board of Union Engineering a/s.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Kriklywi for his efforts in Union Engineering and I am glad that Peter will continue to contribute to the Union Engineering’s development. “

“At the same time, I welcome Kim Dalum as the new CEO and shareholder in Union Engineering and I look forward to a really good working relationship with Kim in the years to come.”