Air Liquide is pursuing its long-term development in this region, and starting-up a new filling station in Kolpino (Saint-Petersburg, North-Western Federal District).

This new state-of-the-art Gas Filling Station will let Air Liquide to fill up to 30 000 cylinders per month with Air Liquide branded gases and gas mixtures to supply the current and future needs of industrial customers in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

This equipment is designed for the fully automated filling of cylinders and bundles, programming of gas mixtures composition and guaranteed quality control during the production process. Produced gases and gas mixtures are widely used in welding and food industries.

Dmitry Ermolov, General Manager Air Liquide in Russia, commented, “This achievement is another important step in our development in the North-West region. The newly opened Filling Station will allow to bring to this important and promising market our most modern and efficient gas solutions which are requested by rapidly developing local industries.”

“Safe food conservation, quality welding, laser cutting are among the most important applications demanding high level gas products; and this facility will be able to satisfy this need.”

These new branded gas solutions will be delivered through a new modern supply chain system which will be put in place by Air Liquide for its customers.

Air Liquide’s overall investment in this project will amount to €5 million.

With the new Filling Station in Kolpino Air Liquide will become one of the leading gas suppliers in North-Western Federal District.