A new optical sensor system for detecting CO2 leaks from Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is robust, fast, accurate and user-friendly – according to a PBI-Dansensor spokesman.

PBI-Dansensor, which makes the sensor, has upgraded its pioneering leak-detection systems for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to create a faster, more responsive and more versatile technology for detecting trace amounts of CO2leaking from modified atmosphere packages.

Drawing on nearly 20 years’ experience of innovation in MAP leak detection, the company has incorporated state-of-the-art optical CO2sensors into its two leak-testing platforms, LeakMatic and LeakPointer.

The optical system replaces the ceramic-based sensor invented by the company. The new optical sensor delivers major benefits to the user.

It is not sensitive to elevated CO2 levels that are often found in a MAP food production environment, and is ready to use in only one minute.

The sensor is combined with a new advanced leak-testing algorithm which ensures correct identification of actual leaks in the MAP product.

“PBI-Dansensor invented CO2-based leak detection around 20 years ago – a method that is a fast and reliable way of finding leaks without the mess of water,”

said Sales and Marketing Director Karsten Kejlhof.

“We have unrivalled experience in the field and have now advanced the technology even further. Leak detection needs a technology that is fast and extremely accurate. The new system achieves these goals, as well as being versatile and user-friendly”.

The updated products will be called LeakMatic II and LeakPointer II and will include a new device, ‘CheckBox’, which will enable easy and reliable validation of the functionality of the units.