BOC has developed a small cylinder aimed towards occasional users and hobbyists. The release bridges the gap between cylinder rentals which are restricted to large volumes of gas, leading to cost inefficiencies for the customers.


Source: BOC

According to BOC, the two litre cylinder contains enough gas for almost 50 minutes of continuous welding at a flow rate of 10 litres a minute. The package also boasts portability with an easy-grip handle and 6kg full weight.

Vanessa Atkinson, BOC’s SME Manager, is confident in the smaller product. She said, “As the largest supplier of welding products in the country, we want to ensure that all users have the right products for their needs. We’ve developed this new package for customers who want smaller quantities of welding products. We are confident it will be a real success.”

Each Argoshield Light cylinder provides odourless shielding gas suitable for MIG welding and for use with thin-section alloy steel. The cylinder retails at £34 plus VAT, inclusive of gas and one year’s rental. Meanwhile, refills cost £16 each.