The Cavagna Group’s High Pressure Division has launched the “Viproxy 1 touch”, an evolution of Viproxy, the valve line for medical oxygen management systems.

Viproxy has quickly become the first-choice system in the healthcare industry for its quality and reliability combined with simplicity and practicality.  It is able to meet even the strictest sanitary requirements.  The Viproxy line was already “user-friendly”, incorporating a shut-off valve and a pressure regulator into a single block.

“Viproxy 1 touch” has an internal pressure and flow rate placed in front, in order to make it readable and controllable at a glance. The valve handwheel can be opened without effort. Thanks to these Viproxy’s features, gas cylinders can be used anywhere, with utmost convenience and safety in several applications: home care oxygen therapy, pain therapies, hospital emergency departments, first aid on ambulances, chemist’s, intensive care, neonatal and paediatric care and nitrous oxide sedation in operating theatres.

The “Viproxy 1 touch” evolution is therefore a more practical all-in-one valve, that offers an additional advantage of speed and ease of use compared to the Viproxy line. As stated in its name, “Viproxy 1 touch ” was made in a way that all you need is just a single simple gesture is enough to get the entire system working perfectly, including flow regulation.
“We are proud to introduce our new all-in-one Viproxy 1 touch, immediately ready to use, high-performance, with a compact, easy and intuitive design” - says Rino Cavagna Sales & Marketing Director of the group.

“For the Viproxy line we wanted an user-friendlier valve, ergonomically speaking. Viproxy 1 touch meets the requirements of practicality, simplicity and reliability for all those patients needing oxygen therapy in different contexts. We enhanced Viproxy 1 touch by a wide range of accessories, designed to make it even more practical and efficient in specific uses.”