Turbines Incorporated announces the availability of their specialised High Pressure Series turbine meters that are engineered to deliver highly accurate measurement in high pressure oil and gas applications.

In areas such as the Permian Basin where oil and gas metering is subject to viscous high pressure liquid flows, the need for a durable accurate metering solution is critical. Built to withstand temperatures ranging from -100°F to +300°F while providing an accuracy of ± 1.0% over flow range, the High Pressure Series turbine meters feature a standard body construction of stainless steel, while handling flow ranges from 40 to 400GPM. This combined with 1502 WECO® end connections enables the High Pressure Series meters to deliver highly accurate results under pressures up to 15,000 psig.

“We understand that when dealing with high pressure oil and gas flows in the field, maintaining accurate reliable results can be challenging but it’s imperative in order for the project to maintain success,” said Reid Wagner, Sales Manager of Turbinesinc-Odessa. “Our High Pressure Series meters, like the HP TM0200 is just another example of how our engineers find innovative solutions that meet our own stringent requirements and those of our customers.”

Turbines Incorporated serves a range of industries and applications, from oil and gas, to cryogenic liquids, to custody transfer. Turbines Incorporated’s high-quality products, fast and reliable order fulfillment, and commitment to customer and technical support, have made them an industry leader in reliable flow metering.


About Turbines Incorporated

Turbines Incorporated is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of competitively priced, accurate and reliable liquid and cryogenic turbine flow meters, electronic monitors, accessories and replacement parts, many of which are available for immediate shipment. Turbines Incorporated is part of an operating unit, which delivers proven differential and turbine meters, and fire suppression solutions. Our US offices are located in Rhode Island (headquarters); Houston and Odessa-Midland, Texas; Tulsa and Altus, Oklahoma; Seneca, South Carolina. The company also have offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Beijing, China; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.