Weldability-SIF has officially opened a foundation level welder training facility at Burton & South Derbyshire College. The course forms part of the company’s ongoing strategy to encourage the development of new welder training facilities across the UK.

The dedicated welding classroom and workshop with fully equipped welding bays was opened by Jennie Hawkins, Weldability-SIF Foundation Director and Trustee, along with Howard Boswell, Vice Principal of the College.

Hawkins said, “Weldability-SIF has set up and registered the Weldability-SIF Foundation Charity with the Charities Commission to specifically encourage the development of new welder training facilities across the UK.”

“Welding plays an important role in manufacturing and is used in a multitude of different industries including furniture production, shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, as well as energy and UK infrastructure industries. Welding plays an active part in keeping it all together and foundation level welder skills training at Burton and South Derbyshire College is another step towards a full apprenticeship programme designed to meet demand and overcome the current skills gaps in the UK welding industry.”

Howard Boswell, Vice Principal of Strategic Partnerships and Planning at Burton and South Derbyshire College said, “This is a terrific step forward in raising skill levels locally. The opportunity to support both young people entering work and upskilling the employed adult work force is a key component in the College’s drive to work with employers. The new suite of EAL Foundation level skills certificates sponsored by Weldability-Sif will greatly assist the initiation of welder skills training at Burton.”

These new centres will provide trainee welders with the opportunity to progress from the foundation level through to a passport to practice welding internationally, leading in turn towards higher TWI qualifications including up to the TWI International European Welding Diploma.