WITT leads the way: Electrical proportional valves now control the pressure regulators of gas supply systems.

For the first time, the German manufacturer is supplying a retrofit module for dome-loaded pressure regulators (dome pressure reducers), thus allowing the operating pressure to be controlled remotely.

The advantage: Even complex production processes can be monitored optimally, as the required gas pressure of every process step is automatically communicated and set by the regulator.

Using programmable logic controllers (PLC), the electrical proportional valve is controlled via either the electrical current (Ampere) or the voltage (Volt). Because pressure transmitters record and monitor the back pressure, setpoint deviations can be detected and automatically compensated for by the system.

With a large setting range, operating pressures can be selected from 0.5 to 30-bar (7.25 to 435 psi), states WITT. At present, it is the norm to set the operating pressure mechanically by hand—an established procedure, but one that has tended to be complicated and inaccurate in comparison to the electrical variant. The electrical control with PLC automatic-regulation also helps to save costs because the exact pressure regulation prevents the blow-off of expensive gases or process interruptions.

WITT is one of the major manufacturers of equipment for technical gases and their applications. WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators are among the most powerful of their kind. They are distinguished in particular by their pressure consistency even with highly fluctuating withdrawals.