WestAir Gases and Equipment, the largest independent distributor of gases and gas equipment in the Southwest of the US, has partnered up with Cryo Shield, a whole body cryotherapy (WBC) company based in California.

It is understood that this new partnership will see WestAir supply Cryo Shield with all the gas and piping needs to serve its therapy centre and mobile chambers for WBC treatments.

WBC is a three-minute treatment expending liquid nitrogen (N2) vapour to reduce recovery times and manage the pain of athletes by using cryotherapy machines, called Impact Cryo units, to deliver its results. Temperatures inside these chambers range from -43°C to -54°C. The natural remedy allows the body to flush out lactic acid with top benefits reducing inflammation and arthritis.

Approximately six litres of liquid N2 is used per treatment for the three chambers that the California outfit have in operation. The liquid N2 will also be used in the US health company’s mobile cryotherapy unit, with a spokesperson from Cryo Shield explaining, “Our mobile unit is a game changer for us, giving us the ability to bring cryotherapy to marathons, bike races and other sporting events.”

Prior to the agreement, both businesses worked together to evaluate and design an optimum supply system, which sees WestAir delivering a 3000 litre MicroBulk tank and vacuum jacketed piping to Cryo Shield.