Western International Gas & Cylinders has announced the opening of Western Sealy in Texas, US.

The rail depot site is served by both Burlington Northern-Santa Fe and Union Pacific railways and is within 20 miles of Western\\$quot;s Bellville Plant.

The facility includes a 9,600 sq ft unloading building, 100 ft rail-truck combo scale, and more than 10,000 ft of track. Western Sealy transfers 120 tons of calcium carbide per hour. Propylene, MAPD, propane, other fuel gases, and overseas cylinders can be received. Western Sealy is monitored by live camera feed 24/7 from the corporate facility in Bellville.

Dan Hord, III, president, said: 'This is another step of Western\\$quot;s growth. State-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology improve reliability and on-time shipments to customers.'