Westfalen Group has been working with the Clean Energy Partnership to install a new hydrogen (H2) fuelling station in Hansa Business Park, Kopenhagener, Münster, Germany.

The official inauguration ceremony was held by North-Rhine Westphalia’s Environment Minister Johannes Remmel, Chairman of the Board of the Westfalen Group, Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert, Thorsten Herbert, Division Manager for Transport and Infrastructure National Organisation for H2 and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW) and the Deputy Chairman of the Clean Energy Partnership, Heinrich Klingenberg.

Remmel said at the opening, “Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the number one problem in air pollution. The results of the current air quality measurements show that NO2 in the air threatens propels health and therefore must be reduced quickly and effectively.”

“Our goal is to be emission free by 2030. The opening of the H2 station in Münster is a real step in the right direction. Eventually, we should have clean, emission-free transport.” Added Remmel.

The Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is funding the construction and operation of the station with €1.5m ($1.570) as part of the National H2 and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) innovation program.

With the completion of new Münster station, there are now 24 H2 filling stations in Germany. The existing filling stations already provide the supply in the metropolitan regions of Berlin, Hamburg, Rhine/Ruhr, Stuttgart and Munich. With the service stations currently in operation, more than six million people are already being reached. There are three stations in NRW alone; five more in the region are in preparation.”