Westfalen Group, a Germany-based industrial gas corporation, has announced extensive plans to relocate significant sections of its plant division from Gremmendorf to Gelmer by mid-2019.

Under the plans, its Münster-Gelmer site will be expanded to incorporate a neighbouring 93,000 m2 company-owned reserve area.

Westfalen intends to build a hub for technical gases and a modern propane filling site at the extended location, as well as an expanded refrigerant recycling facility which will be capable of filling its whole refrigerant product segment.

In addition, the company’s central workshop, electrical workshop and acetylene hub will be established its Gelmer site.

A decision on whether to relocate its cylinder testing centre, which is still located at its Gremmendorf site, is still under review due to economic viability issues.

Westfalen AG CEO Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert explained, “The decisions being made all serve to significantly increase the efficiency of production in connection with the logistics chain of the Westfalen Group, and thereby to ensure our long-term competitiveness with regard to customer supply.”

Pm 08 foto1 luftaufnahme gelmer

Luftaufnahme Gelmer

Source: Westfalen AG