Air Products Chairman and CEO John McGlade was yesterday among an exclusive group of executives from across the US to be invited to a White House Forum on Modernising Government.

President Obama is seeking private sector technology expertise to save money, and improve performance.

To that end, Thursday 14th January saw John McGlade and other leading CEOs from a range of industries participate in a discussion with President Barack Obama and members of his Cabinet and staff, on using technology to deliver more effective and efficient services to American taxpayers.

In December, the President announced his plans to convene private sector leaders this month in a White House Forum on Modernising Government, to “focus on the significant gap existing between private sector and federal government use of technology to drive productivity and improve service quality.”

In an official White House statement in December, President Obama said, “After years of irresponsibility, we are once again taking responsibility for every dollar we spend, the same way families do.”

Maximising technology return
Taking that responsibility included yesterday’s innovative & informative gathering at the White House, Washington D.C.

The only industrial gas company represented, Air Products’ McGlade participated in Stream #5 of the forum and discussed the topic ‘Maximising Technology Return on Investment’. It’s thought that McGlade was chosen based upon his distinction among chemical company CEO’s and the decision was in part based on articles written about the company’s use of technology to transform itself.

Other executives involved in Stream #5 of the forum included John Chen, Sybase Inc.; Jim Crowe, Level 3 Communications; Shantanu Narayen, Adobe; John Riccitiello, Electronic Arts; and Glenn Tilton, United Airlines.

The event was designed to ‘genuinely harness creativity and technological innovation to make government work better and make it more user-friendly’. The opening session with the President was live-streamed on the official Whitehouse website, as was the closing session and all five breakout sessions in between.